No Power, No Problem!

CCTV In Remote Locations – No Power, No Problem

At Centurion, as well as installing CCTV in a range of commercial premises, we are often tasked to come up with solutions in more unusual locations.

Our most interesting recent project was designing a CCTV system for a quarry. This quarry was in an extremely remote location, in the middle of several fields with a farm close by.

The quarry had no lighting, no power, no broadband and no phone lines. You’d think that installing CCTV here would be impossible – but Centurion love a challenge!

Installing CCTV in remote locations with no power

Here at Centurion, we don’t simply install CCTV systems. We are thought leaders in the industry, and can design bespoke CCTV solutions from scratch for even the most challenging of locations.

This quarry was a classic example of this. Whilst there was no power, there was fortunately lots of wind and a little sunshine.

We took full advantage of this, designing and sourcing a solar and wind powered energy unit. This comprised two small wind turbines, two solar panels and a large battery pack to power the CCTV system – all completely off-grid and transportable.

No broadband, no problem!

Now, you may think that it’s all very well being able to power the CCTV system, but with no broadband or telephone line, how would anyone be able to view the live footage?

To solve this problem, we incorporated a communicator device comprising two 4G SIM cards bonded together. This gave the upload and download speeds needed, as well as providing resilience, should one network go down for a short time.

This solution will allow the footage to be streamed live to the remote monitoring centre, and for the client to remotely view the footage on their phone or tablet.

Artificial intelligence for CCTV in remote locations

As the quarry was in such a rural location, with a farm and fields close by, it was obviously visited regularly by an abundance of local wildlife, including foxes and owls.

This could cause false alarms to be triggered regularly on many CCTV cameras, but thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of our systems, this wouldn’t be the case with a Centurion CCTV system.
Our cameras can recognise whether the intruder on your premises is a person, a car, or simply the local wildlife paying you a visit. The algorithms that support this ability drastically cut down on the number of false alarms, ensuring that the keyholder and remote monitoring centre are only informed of genuine threats.

If you need to keep your business premises safe and secure, no matter how remote the location, Centurion can design a bespoke solution for you. Give us a call on 0800 590 592 or message us about CCTV to find out more.