Internal And External CCTV


Internal & External CCTV

Centurion internal and External CCTV cameras are one of the most effective deterrents against the threat of vandalism and theft and provide many benefits to commercial properties.

However, not all CCTV cameras are created equal.

There’s little point in having one at all if the footage is of such poor quality that you can’t make out what’s going on at your business whilst you’re away.

CCTV Features

As well as having the highest quality footage available on the market, here at Centurion Fire and Security Ltd, our CCTV cameras are packed with features to give you full control over your business security.

Additionally, you can be sure that your CCTV will never be out of date.

Our maintenance packages mean that your system can be upgraded as needed – so your business will move with the times.

External and Internal CCTV with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Centurion’s external cameras are ideal for businesses that keep high-value items outdoors. These include, but are not limited to:

Garden centres
Independent car dealerships
Builders’ merchants
Vehicle hire
Plant and tool hire
Timber merchants

Our CCTV systems feature AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven video analytics. This technology has a wide range of capabilities. Here are some of the amazing features that your business could benefit from with a Centurion CCTV system. To find out more, get in touch.

CCTV with Artificial Intelligence

Centurion CCTV systems feature cutting edge AI technology. Our cameras can recognise whether a person or car has been identified on your premises, or determine that it’s a passing fox or cat.

These algorithms drastically cut down on the number of false alarms. Remote monitoring can then issue a proactive response to a genuine threat immediately.

Remote monitoring

Speaking of remote monitoring, you can choose to have your CCTV system connected to a remote monitoring station when your site is left unattended.

When your cameras detect unusual activity, an alert will be sent to the remote monitoring centre. Your alarm will be answered immediately, and footage will be sent to the operator’s screen.

If the operator confirms suspicious activity is taking place at your premises, they can issue an audio warning such as:

“This is a security announcement. You are being recorded on CCTV. Stop what you are doing and leave now, or further action will be taken.”

They will also inform the emergency services and key holder.

Facial recognition CCTV

Have you got a problem with known shoplifters? Facial recognition will trigger an alert to staff, who can remove the person before they’ve had the chance to even think about pocketing anything. You could even use this software to prevent banned individuals from entering your premises at all.

Another great use for Centurion’s facial recognition software is to identify valued customers, allowing you to greet them personally.

Heat mapping CCTV

The heat mapping technology in our CCTV cameras is perfect for tracking footfall to ensure that your products are ideally placed. It can also count how many people are passing your premises, or actually walking through the doors each day.

Thermal imaging CCTV

Thermal imaging cameras translate heat (thermal energy) into visible light to evaluate a situation.

Thermal imaging is great for process control and keeping an eye on premises where arson may be a problem, such as timber yards. Should a fire be identified, the fire brigade can be notified immediately.

Automatic tracking

You have the ability to track anything you choose automatically, using our pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Cameras. Never worry about a suspicious person walking out of range of the camera, as it can move to track the individual automatically.

Ultra-high definition CCTV

All of our internal and external CCTV systems feature 4K ultra-high resolution for crystal clear images. Full-colour night vision means that you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on at your business at any time, even in poor light conditions.

Remote Live Viewing of Internal and External CCTV

Keep an eye on your business premises on any device, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. You can watch live footage, and also view recordings of incidents.

SMS/Push Notifications

Choose to get an alert to your device whenever suspicious activity is detected.

Licence Plate Recognition

Centurion external CCTV systems feature full access control capabilities, using licence plate recognition. The CCTV cameras can work in conjunction with your security barriers. This will allow known vehicles to enter your car park, whilst owners of all unknown vehicles will have to press an intercom button for access.

Licence plate recognition also gives you the ability to greet your customers by name. Find out more here.

To find out more about Centurion internal and external CCTV systems, send us a message today or call us on 0800 590 592.