Manned Guarding Reduction

Installing a comprehensive, remotely monitored, event-driven CCTV system can eliminate the need for on-site guards and entirely remove the annual salary overhead.

Manned Guarding

If a large group of youths were to intrude on your premises, and your security comprised a lone worker in a cabin, what do you think would happen?

What if they threatened your security guard with violence? There’s a good chance he’d run away, leaving your property to be vandalised.

What if someone offered to bribe him to look the other way, whilst they made off with high-value items from your premises?

Remote CCTV monitoring never sleeps and offers many more advantages than manned guarding, with none of these disadvantages.

Advantages of remote monitoring CCTV over manned guarding

1 It provides the same visual deterrent as a security guard, but at a fraction of the cost. Whilst manned guarding doesn’t have the upfront cost of a CCTV system, the never-ending cost of extra staff on the payroll works out considerably higher than a Centurion CCTV system.

2 Your security staff can’t work around the clock unless they work in shifts, which means an even greater cost for you. Our remotely monitored CCTV will identify intruders and send live footage to our monitoring centre 24/7. Additionally, it’s worth noting that your CCTV system will never phone in sick!

3 Can your security guard see in the dark? Centurion CCTV can. With crystal clear footage even in poorly lit areas, you can be sure that any suspicious activity will be spotted instantly.

4 Remote CCTV monitoring is ideal for use in remote locations, where manned guarding would be a safety concern.

5 Our CCTV systems can be used for purposes other than security, such as health and safety, and business processes.

Ultra high definition 4K imaging

CCTV has come a long way in recent years. Centurion extensively tests all the most modern equipment in house and use only the latest technology to design bespoke CCTV systems with ultra-high-definition 4K imaging. This will provide your business with quality CCTV footage, even in poor light conditions, and eliminate the need for an on-site security guard.


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