Staff & Public Health Monitoring

Ensure the safety of staff and visitors to your business with centurion cctv.

CCTV to minimise culpability

When not properly handled, accidents on your premises can pose a serious commercial risk to your business. If one of your employees has an accident at work, or a visitor hurts themselves on your property, they may decide to make a claim against your company.

Centurion’s 4K CCTV footage will show whether the incident is exactly as the person has described. It will capture and evidence any events, to minimise your company’s culpability for any accidents, and to give you the evidence you need to mitigate claims.

Identify potential hazards with CCTV for health and safety

Traditionally, CCTV has been used solely for evidential purposes – once the damage has already been done. However, modern CCTV is instrumental in preventing incidents before they occur.

With our advanced CCTV systems, it’s not only intruders that can be identified. With the help of sophisticated AI analytics, you can also use our cameras to identify abnormalities or potential health and safety hazards. This should ensure that costly accidents are kept to a minimum on your premises.

Ensure health and safety best practice with CCTV monitoring

Strategically placed CCTV cameras will allow you to monitor your employees and any contractors working on your site.
This will ensure that best practice is being used at all times and should prevent any accidents before they happen.

Here at Centurion, we recognise that vehicles are often a hazard in industrial premises. Our CCTV systems can track vehicle movements at gates and barriers and keep an eye on forklift operating areas and loading and unloading zones.

AI CCTV Technology

The AI technology featured in our cameras can tell the difference between a person and a vehicle. This will allow you to monitor hazardous zones automatically, and you can choose to receive an alert if a person enters a vehicle-only area, or vice versa.

We also have systems that can tell if someone is not wearing a hard hat or high- visibility vest and alert a supervisor.

Ensure you have all the facts with quality CCTV footage

It’s increasingly common for loss prevention departments to use video footage to dispute fraudulent claims and settle disputes.

Should an incident or accident occur on your business premises, video footage can provide evidence that will not only make sure you have all the facts, but can also improve the working practices of employees and contractors in the future.

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