A large West Yorkshire manufacturer and distributor

  • Fire

A large local manufacturer and distributor were contacted by their insurers, informing them that they needed to update their fire alarm system to current standards. If they did not install a new fire alarm system they were advised that they would no longer comply with the set requirements for their insurance policy. Unfortunately, they were advised their premiums would double, and without a BAFE approved fire alarm system installed to current standards their policy would have been cancelled after 3 months.

The client initially called other brokers to try and renew their insurance elsewhere as they had never made any claims, however, they were met with the same requirements from other companies.

We are pleased to announce that we installed a state of the art British manufactured C-Tec ZFP CAST, BAFE approved fire alarm system which meets today’s standards and met the insurers’ requirements. The client is now protected by one of our state of the art fire alarms and their insurers are satisfied with the work carried out meaning their cover has continued.

2 networked panels, 169 points, 6 linier heat detection systems, 1 ATAX rated linier heat detector within an explosive environment, 7 smoke detection beams, 4 aspiration systems

Approx. 5 Months