CCTV For Process Control

CCTV can ensure the correct functioning of automated systems, ensure safety procedures are being followed and even boost productivity.

CCTV for Process Control

Whilst most people associate CCTV technology with security surveillance, there are actually several other uses for this technology.

One of these is process control. This is the ability to monitor and modify a particular process to give the desired output. Process control is used in a range of industries to maintain quality and improve performance.

Beyond security: Using CCTV for process control

Centurion’s CCTV systems feature the very latest camera and control technology, which can be used to improve your processing and quality control procedures.

Although it’s not one of the most common CCTV requirements, we find that our bespoke process control projects usually end up being exciting ventures that are extremely worthwhile for our customers.

How does CCTV for process control work?

To use CCTV for process control, we utilise software to compare CCTV images to those in pre-defined parameters.

We can programme this software to alert an operator or shut down a production line if the image is outside of the prescribed specifications.

A classic example of this is a camera viewing a conveyor belt, looking for broken biscuits. The predefined images are of whole biscuits, and if the CCTV spots a biscuit that does not match the images, it flags up an anomaly. However, we have managed many process control projects that are much more exciting than this!

Process control cameras at Sellafield

The Sellafield nuclear site used our CCTV cameras for process control to watch boxes they were filling with hazardous waste. This was being moved into a sealed room using robotic arms. Sellafield used the cameras to know where the robot’s arms were, allowing them to control them properly. Take a look at the video below to see this in action!

CCTV for process control at Cummins Turbos

Centurion have installed CCTV for process control at Cummins – a leading turbo manufacturer. We installed cameras inside test booths where turbo charges were tested to destruction.

Our cameras monitored the turbos and the exact moment of failure could be played back. This process control footage was then relayed to the designers and engineers to see why and where the turbo failed.

As the test booths were extremely dangerous due to flying debris and loud engines, it was much safer for a camera to watch the testing of the turbo charge whilst an operator watched on a monitor from another room.

Thermal cameras for process control

Centurion also installed a thermal camera for a customer who wanted to ensure that a glass making machine was being kept cool enough. Overheating would have caused failure of the very expensive machine.
Whilst not actually watching the process, these thermal cameras made sure that the process continued to operate as it should.

4K CCTV for process control with high-definition footage

Centurion can provide 4K CCTV cameras with high-definition footage, which you the ability to view your entire business process clearly.

The accompanying software offers capabilities such as alarm trending and graphs to visualise data.

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Once we’ve installed your CCTV system, we’ll be on hand to deal with any issues you may have and provide regular servicing and maintenance. We can often repair any issues remotely, with no additional charge to you.

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